Flood Restoration

Flood Restoration

Flood damage is an alarming situation for the residents and businesses in Sydney. The real estate agents, homeowners, businesses, and landlords have to deal with the damage caused by the flood and water at some stage. The leakage of a burst pipe and the natural disaster of a flood can fill your home, apartment, and office with water. In such a situation, you need to respond quickly before it damages your property & assets. It is where Clean Assist Group can repair the damage that occurred to your possessions.

Clean Assist Group is a leading flood restoration service provider. We offer restoration services across Sydney, however, for flood restoration, we can cover the extra miles by serving the community outside of Sydney. Our 24/7 and experienced response team is always available to turn around the damage caused by Flood and water ingress

What makes us different from the others?

24/7 Emergency Flood Restoration
Not all the service providers offer 24/7 services to the clients. Clean Assist Group makes sure to respond quickly in restoring the damage that occurred. Our 24/7 response team always remains on the desk and will respond immediately to your call.

Trained Professionals with extensive experience
We have a team of highly-trained professionals having extensive experience. In the case of flood damage and water damage, we have vast expertise from repairing damaged furniture, carpets, and structure.

Dealing with insurance companies
We are trusted by our clients in fair dealing with the insurance companies. Water damage is a leading issue where the clients miss out on claiming the amount they deserve. By calculating the extent of damage to your property, Clean Assist Group ensures claiming your insurance that is in your best interest.

In case of flood damage, make sure to respond quickly, and our team of experts will be at your doorsteps taking the steps needed to keep the damage as minimal as possible.

Sewer waste back up extraction

Let Clean assist group clean up after a residential or commercial sewer backup, preventing lasting damage and keeping you safe. After an initial assessment and a free estimate, our experienced sewer cleanup removal and extraction experts use professional-grade equipment to extract sewage and water, then dry out the entire area. We will remove the affected materials, sanitize and disinfect, prevent mold, deodorize, and restore your home or office to its original condition

Make Safe

Clean Assist Group offers a 24/7 emergency make safe response in dealing with the damage that occurred to our client’s property. When a disaster strikes your property, make sure to respond quickly and seek help from our expert hands. The sooner you respond, the better chance we have to keep the damage minimal.


  • 24/7 emergency flood restoration services
  • Structural drying
  • Water Extraction
  • Experienced and skilled technicians
  • Expertise to deal with any type of damage following comprehensive clean-ups.

Benefits of our Make Safe Service:

  • Disaster can occur at unpredictable times. With our make safe service, we remain available 24 hours a day, or 365 days a year to respond quickly even when the local resources are overwhelmed. With our quick response, we keep the premises safe from further damages or future vandalism.
  • In difficult times, we stand by your side, reducing your stress as our main goal, and to restore your property after accessing the damage efficiently.
  • When a disaster strikes, it can affect the nearby living creatures if not dealt with a quick response and standard safety procedures. Our skilled technicians make sure to turn over the damage quickly.

Flood Emergency Response

If you have experienced flood damage while living in Sydney, you can better understand how necessary it is to respond quickly before it damages your property to a great extent. We cannot stop natural disasters like floods hitting the city. However, taking the necessary steps can protect your assets from damage.

Clean Assist Group believes your business and home to be the most valuable assets. The flooded water can enter into your home basements damaging the vital structural materials. It can damage your valuable furniture and can end up destroying everything if not dealt with immediately. The water needs to be removed completely because the presence of water inside your home or office can keep damaging to  the structure and furniture over time.

We have been providing flood emergency response services in Sydney and the surrounding areas for many years. Our continuous efforts help the people in reversing the damage caused by floods. Clean assist group restores the property to its original condition with fast and effective procedures. You need to respond as soon as the flooded water enters your home,  the sooner you respond, the better chance our emergency response team will have it completely restored with every part of your property to its original condition.