Meth Lab And Drug Clean Up

Meth lab involves corrosive and toxic chemicals that may be left on the surfaces and in different absorbent materials including furniture, carpets, sinks, and drains. The properties contaminated from former meth labs are common in Sydney and these are left to the landlord. Demolishing the property is not the perfect choice for you as Clean Assist Group can help you to reclaim it. Though found in small amounts, the contaminants of a meth lab can pose serious health problems when you get exposed to them. For that purpose, Clean Assist Group always recommends that no one enter the premises of such building until a comprehensive meth lab remediation and the cleanup process is performed by professionals.

For your comfort, our experienced meth lab cleaners ensure quality meth lab testing and clean up services that you may require.

Trained & Experienced Meth Cleaners

Without the appropriate training and qualifications, it is impossible to achieve the proper remediation and decontamination of a property contaminated by meth lab residues and chemicals. To ensure a successful meth lab and drug cleanup, you need to hire trained and experienced meth cleaners immediately. At Clean Assist Group, our qualified cleaners are specialised when it comes to Meth Lab Cleanup, and they provide effective testing and remediation service.

Clean Assist Group Meth Testing & Cleanup Process

  • Clean Assist Group starts the meth remediation process with a pre-testing. It helps to determine the severity and level of your property contaminated with residue and toxic chemicals.
  • Once the severity of meth contamination is determined, our certified cleaners create a remediation action plan based on the laboratory tests.
  • By using the latest equipment and cleaning chemicals, our Meth Lab Remediation experts decontaminate and remediate your entire property to remove any meth residue or chemicals.
  • To ensure all traces of methamphetamine are eradicated, Clean Assist Group will re-test your property to give you peace of mind.

If you’re exposed to meth lab residue or chemicals, it’s the right time to contact our specialised and experienced Meth Lab cleaners. At Clean Assist Group, our certified meth lab remediation technicians are available to discuss Meth Lab and Drug Cleanup of your contaminated property.

If you are living in a property once used as a meth lab and it has been contaminated with meth residue, contact the team of specialised and experienced meth lab clean up technicians for a hassle-free and discreet discussion with a certified meth lab remediation technician.