Odour Control

Odour Control

Odour removal can be an overwhelming process by having to identify the source of the odour. If it is not eradicated using standard practices, it can cause distress for the homeowners. Cleaning and scrubbing cannot help you in the removal of the odour. Fire and smoke damage also leave behind the severe odour, and the same goes for Mould issues in the home or in the office. Our first step is to identify the source of the odour, completely removing it, clean and disinfect all affected surfaces and any filtering particles in that are airborne.

Being professionals, we offer high-quality odour control services in Sydney. We have been in the market for many years, and our consistent effort has helped us in the rapid progress year after year. When it comes to odour control, our highly skilled technical staff knows it better than any other. Proper identification of the odour source is our priority. Once the inspection work is completed, we will completely remove the sources following by the cleaning and disinfecting process.


Sometimes, the sources that cause the odour are severe. When the fire catches, it leaves behind an unpleasant odour. Similarly, the mould issue in-home or office can make you frustrated due to its foul smell. You cannot eradicate these sources with professional equipment and standard procedures could help in odour control caused by fire and mould. Clean Assist Group has certified technicians who do not only have the right gear to deal with odour control but also the necessary techniques and procedures. Having vast expertise, we can deal with the odour irrespective of its source type.


Our Services in Odour Removal & Odour Control

  • Water Damage Odour & Smoke Odour, cleaned  & treated
  • Mould Odour incorporating Mould Removal & Cleaning of walls & ceilings
  • Drug Labs cleaned and treated
  • Automotive problems with malodours, be it vomit urine or water damage
  • Boats with malodours & bad smells related to moisture like mould & mildew