Structural Drying

Why structural drying is extremely important?

Water damage is a common problem for the residents of Sydney. It can be caused by various sources (flood or a burst pipe), but once entered into the premises of your property, it can cause serious structural damage to your home. It not only causes damages to your carpet and furniture which results in sick smell and color changes. But, you need to care about more than your possessions. When water enters your home or office, it gets absorbed into the structural foundation elements. You may believe that as the water is completely absorbed thus there would not be any damage. However, it can affect your building structural to extreme content.


If left untreated, excessive water damage can result in serious timber rot and structural decay as well as leading to serious long term health risks within the property.
Properly drying the building structure after a flood or leak is paramount as it halts mould amplification, helps prevent secondary damage, and slows down corrosion of metal structure. All of these things can be avoided if appropriate, and rapid care is taken.

Clean Assist Group can see the devastating things that might occur in the near future. Water damage if left unchecked, can trigger various issues such as mould and weakness of the house. It weakens the structural foundation and if not dealt with proper care, entire sections would become toxic and unsafe. In such a situation, you need to respond quickly as water does not take long to start growing mould and affecting the integrity of the structural foundation.

We are trusted by our clients in maintaining the structural integrity affected by water. With proven strategies, our skilled technicians ensure the extent of damage that water can cause to the structural foundation and then implement the standard practices to yield the optimum outcomes. Our technicians are certified and have all the right gear in place to quickly turnover in implementing the structural drying process efficiently.