Mould Remediation

Mould Remediation

Are you facing a mould problem in your home or office? Clean Assist Group offers mould remediation services to eradicate the root cause of mould.

It gives an unpleasant sight to your guests and results in ill-scented smell. This unpleasant sight is enough to make someone sick, let alone the main dangers of inhaling spores which are crucial to one’s health.

When it comes to mould remediation, our clients trust us to be the professionals in mould inspection, removal, and prevention process.  Our professionals and highly-trained technicians are certified and experts in the identification of the mould root cause.

Mould usually appears in moist and damp conditions and it keeps on spreading due to airborne spores. As it spreads, mould causes terrible and nasty appearance resulting in health issues particularly respiratory problems. Mould can easily damage the structural contents of your home or building.

Clean Assist Group ensures eradicating the widespread of mould by the implementation of the initial prevention plan. Our certified team will generate a detailed mould inspection and report as soon as possible. Once the root cause is identified, the remediation process will start right away through drying, cleaning, and removal of the mould damaged contents. We do not only guarantee the mould remediation but also generate a detailed report understanding the cause of mould and preventive measures that need to be taken.