High Pressure Cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

At Clean Assist Group, we are dedicated to providing top-notch high-pressure cleaning services across Sydney. Our experienced cleaners have vast expertise to deal with any surface and provide outstanding and optimum outcomes. With our routine pressure cleaning services, innovative technology your property can look new, while minimizing gunk and mould. For high-pressure cleaning of your home, office, or industry, we strive for effective and environmentally friendly ways. We offer a wide range of high-pressure cleaning services. Clean assist group have the right machines to clean away any gunk out of your gutters, floors, walls, pavers, roof and are just about anything.


Your outdated property should restore to its original condition, Yes it is possible! With our paver cleaning services, We ensure high-quality paver cleaning from your pool area to pathways and driveways. Our technicians are experienced and make sure to use quality high pressured machines and affective chemicals to eradicate dirt, oil and algae from your brick pavers. Let our expert hands deal with your paver cleaning that can give a captivating first impression.


Tough surfaces require expert hands to provide you comfort. At Clean Assist Group, we understand that concrete cleaning demands highly-trained cleaners who have experience and expertise. For concrete cleaning, we ensure using environmentally friendly chemical and spray the area with extremely hot water at extremely high pressure for the complete removal of grease and dirt. Our expert cleaners follow the standard procedures and right equipment for concrete cleaning professionally.


For driveway cleaning, we break down the grease, oil, and dirt with a quality alkaline chemical. Whether it is a brick-paved driveway or concrete surface, the strong alkaline chemical can easily break down the dirt and other stains, and with high-pressure hot water, we ensure removing it completely and gives a shining and eye-catching look to your driveways. We offer driveway sealing to protect it from further staining.


For your home or corporate office, a spotless building gives a pleasant sight to your clients and neighbours. We ensure cleaning everything around your building such as walls, floors, pavers, and roofs. At Clean Assist Group, our cleaners are experienced and undergo standard training to make sure high-quality house washing that makes you satisfied. We provide quick rounds of high-pressure cleaning services especially in busy buildings such as houses, shopping malls, industrial while bearing the health and safety concerns in mind all the time.


At Clean Assist Group, our experienced and qualified team has extensive knowledge and high-quality equipment to perform driveways washing no matter large or small. Having vast expertise, we offer driveway washing services for both, residential and commercial sectors.
We appreciate hearing issues from you and provide services that are tailored to your needs. Whether it is brick, stone or concrete driveway, we have the experience to yield optimum solutions. With our quality driveway washing and sealing services, your driveways can last longer and helps in weed or mould removal.


Do you love partying around your patio and poolside but worry about wine stains, barbeque grease and food scraps?
Make sure to get assistance from the expert hands that have all the right gear and experience for high-quality patio cleaning. Keep in mind that longer the dirt left deeper the staining becomes. At Clean Assist Group, we have the technique to deal with patio cleaning professionally.

It can be done with a mixture of extremely hot high-pressure and strong foam chemical. For patio cleaning, we always use a high-pressure washing machine that yields an optimum outcome, and for further protection against stains in the future, we also offer sealing services for your shining patio.


Wood gets outdated over time and looks awful but with careful maintenance from Clean assist group restoring its glory will keep it lasting longer and cleaner becoming a place of pride in your home.
For professional deck maintenance services, Clean Assist has a team of qualified and trained technicians that ensure quality maintenance of your home’s outdoor deck even in the Australian severe conditions. For your timber or wooden deck, we have the right solutions to make it last longer and look captivating. We offer a wide range of deck cleaning services from cleaning to sealing that can ensure protection in the future as well.