Fire & Smoke Restoration


Many believe that the danger has passed and the place is safe from further devastation when the fire stops. But, it keeps on affecting your building while unaware of it. Without assistance from the professional fire and smoke restoration technicians, you cannot expect your home to restore in a normal state. Once the fire is out, there are many things to do in clearing up the damage and dealing with the smoke. After the firefighters successfully eradicate the fire, you should immediately call for professional fire and smoke restoration services to restore your home into its original condition.

Clean Assist Group makes sure the ash and smoke that leave behind do not cause further damage to your property. Our skilled technicians can stop the post effects of the fire and smoke damage before it becomes a major cause of damage. Our fire and smoke restoration services include:

  • Identification of the affected places and source of odour caused by the smoke
  • Inspection of any further dangers such as falling structure and electrical hazards
  • Thorough cleaning of the affected areas and the removal of ash residue
  • Structural cleaning and repairs
  • Contents pack-out and inventory
  • Removal of the damaged contents
  • Cleaning of the affected items such as upholstery

Our technical team has vast expertise and extensive knowledge in dealing with fire and smoke damage. Our 24/7 emergency response team will be at your doorsteps to take the initial necessary steps that can help in restoring your property to the maximum possible extent.